4 Surefire Strategies to staying fit throughout the end of the year!


We are officially in the last month of the year so now is the time to put in work for a successful 2016! You don’t want to start your planning process once January hits remember whoever fails to plan, plans to fail!

So I am definitely setting my goals now on how to strategize for success, better develop myself and stay fit!

A multitude of family obligations, work parties, and last-minute shopping means that hitting the gym often gets delayed or crossed off the schedule altogether.Read on to learn how to keep up your exercise routine this winter!

1. Improve on goal setting!

Set a specific, tangible goal to accomplish during the holiday season. We have a few weeks left which is the perfect amount of time to really complete something amazing! Join a group bootcamp or enter in a holiday marathon to glide into the new year!

2. Include everybody!

Working out can often be a solitary activity, which may explain why many people skip the gym when friends and family are in town. Make it a group activity by inviting visitors to join you at the gym or a favorite exercise class.

3. Do some Yardwork!

Whether it’s raking leaves or shoveling snow, yard work is an unexpected way to get the heart rate up and work out major muscle groups.


4. Set a challenge

People love challenges! Create your own challenge, whether it involves trying a new bodyweight exercise every day, testing different yoga poses, or experimenting with an unfamiliar running workout- push yourself and and kick some butt!

5. Get outside!

Snuggling under the blankets with a mug of hot chocolate is fine and dandy, but it probably won’t help you out in the fitness department. Instead of baking cookies or playing board games, pass the time with an active pursuit like hiking, snowboarding or even making snow angels or building snowmen!

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6.Start your 30 day detox!

End the year right buy cleansing your body and getting it ready for the new year! This well help you stay on a routine while detoxing after your holiday indulgences!

TeaMi Detox will completely change how your body looks and feels in just 30 days by..

  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Start burning stored fat
  • Calms muscle spasms and muscle tightness
  • Naturally raise energy levels
  • Detox your internal organs
  • Reducing bloating
  • Improving skin complexion
  • Flush out harsh toxins
  • Fix digestive issues


Make sure to order your 30 day detox today and follow us on Instagram @teamiblends to share your ‘teatox’ journey with us!

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