4th of july – outfit of the day


It is officially summer! And what holiday do you think of when you think of summer? The 4th of July, duh. A day for being with your loved ones, cooking burgers and swimming in the pool. BUT of course you have to look cute AF while doing these things.
Now, I personally am not one to wear a “I love America” shirt or make my 4th of July outfit overly patriotic. I still like to be somewhat in the spirit but a bit more subtle and less over the top. These looks I put together are still festive but less tacky and more trendy. Here are 4 simple looks for the 4th!


Look #1 :

  •  Red one piece – this is a sexy alternative from a two piece
  •  Denim shorts
  •  White low top Converse
  • American flag bandana – I like to tie it around my neck because that look is very in right now


I like this look because it is minimal but at the same time is super cute. The bandana ties it all together to give it you the perfect 4th of July outfit.


Look #2 :



  •  American flag bathing suit – a cute way to be patriotic
  • Overalls – you can wear it with both straps hooked or just one, either way is super cute
  • White high top Converse
  • Blue Teami Tumbler
What do you wear when you are having a lazy day at the pool but also want to look cute? Overalls, yassss! And then just slip them off and you are in your cute festive bathing suit, voila!

Look #3 :



  • Graphic tee – this one has a line from the classic 70’s movie, Dazed and Confused
  • Blue shorts
  • Red high top Converse
  • Red Teami Tumbler
This outfit is red, white and blue all over. Tuck the shirt in or leave it out either way it is still cute. Say alright, alright, alright to this look!

Look #4 :

  • Budwiser sweater – what is more American then beer? Nothing.
  • Denim shorts
  • White high top Converse
  • Blue Teami Tumbler
After grilling all day towards sunset it might get a little chilly so throw on your cute Budwiser sweater over your tank top and shorts. What’s better then a comfy sweater while watching the fireworks.
I hope these looks gave you some ideas and or inspiration on what to wear for your fourth! Stay safe and have a happy 4th of July Teami Community!


To Your Health,


Ashley Gurney- Social Media Manager



Look Great on Independence Day!

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