7 Bloat-tastic Foods to Avoid During the Holidays


Instead of feeling guilty after the holiday is over, try being proactive! ย 


There are foods that can contribute to bloating and it is best just to avoid them. ย As you are planning for the holidays, try keeping these foods off your shopping list if you want to avoid unnecessary holiday bloating.




Avoid Excess Sodium

Sodium is a mineral that makes up 40% of salt. ย It can cause your body to retain water, which attributes to excess water weight. ย Nobody got time for that!

To avoid the pitfalls of sodium, opt for low-sodium diet by paying attention to your food labels. ย A good rule of thumb is to choose foods that contain 140 mg or less per serving or less than a total of ย 2000 mg per day. ย Look for no-sodium or low-sodium alternatives to salt, such as Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning,ย vinegar, or pepper. ย 


Our Advice:ย 

  1. Choose for low-sodium foods, such as milk, yogurt, grains, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. Avoid soy sauce, bacon, canned/cured meats, buttermilk, processed cheese, pickles and watch your condiments.


Avoid Carbonated Drinks Like Soda and Champagne

We are all occasionally guilty of grabbing a quick soda or a celebratory glass of champagne (Cheers!), but you would be wise to avoid these guilty pleasures during the holidays. ย Carbonated drinks contain air. ย That air gets trapped in your body and causes bloating. ย Basically, stop drinking cola for the month – kay?

Our Advice:ย 

Drink water, fresh fruit/vegetable juices, and Teami.


Avoid Garlic & Onions

Garlic and onions contain fermentable components or fructans. ย These nasty-fructan guys contribute to bloating, gas, and the biggest holiday offender… belching! ย 

Our Advice:

Opt for herbs, ginger, lemon, vinegar or pepper as a substitute.


Avoid Rice, Potatoes, and Pasta

It’s best to avoid the popular carbs, but if you must have them, avoid the leftovers. ย Reheating rice, potatoes, and pasta can turn them into a resistant starch. ย Resistant starches release into the small intestine during digestion, which causes bloating. ย But, donโ€™t get too bummed out, there are healthy alternatives that taste great and your family will love!

Our Advice:

Opt for whole wheats, quinoa, or even sweet potato pasta.


Avoid Gum

Although gum is a quick fix for bad breath, it adds additional air to your system. ย Excess or trapped air should always be avoided as it causes bloating. Plus, it contains sugar! ย 

Our Advice:

Instead of chewing and popping the day away, Drink Teami Skinny if you want to take the edge off!!


Avoid Beans and Lentils

The good news is that beans and lentils are high in protein, carbohydrates, fibers and they are also rich in vitamins and minerals. ย However, beans and lentils contain sugars called alpha-galactosides. ย That is a fancy name for sugars that escape during digestion and ferment in the gut! ย Not exactly the thing you want to do if your trying to avoid the bloat!

Our Advice:

Try sprouting your beans and lentils before you cook them! ย Itโ€™s as simple as soaking them overnight so they grow a little โ€˜sproutโ€™ or tail. ย This releases the bad stuff so it doesnโ€™t end up in your gut!


Avoid Processed Foods

The holidays are a time to enjoy fresh foods, but if you are tempted to opt for a processed alternative, avoid the urge. ย Processed foods are foods that have been altered from their natural state and often include additives, like extra salt, sugar, and other chemicals. ย Many processed foods also include gluten or gluten derivatives, which can have a direct effect on digestion and cause bloating. ย So, say no to packaged foods and opt for fresh whole foods instead. ย Your belly will thank you for it!

Our Advice:

  1. Avoid canned/packaged fruits or vegetables, processed lunch meats, pre-cut salads, and packaged junk food.
  2. Instead, look for foods that are in their natural state, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and freshly sliced deli meats. ย 

There you have it! ย Now that you are off to a great start, why not up the anti? ย If you haven’t tried Teami Colon yet, there is no better time than the present!



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