Group fitness classes that are sure to get you sweating!


If you’re looking for a fun way to get active, group fitness classes are a great way to go! Nowadays, you may even find them hosted at a local park, or on the beach! Gyms, health clubs, some recreational centers, you name it, there are bound to be fitness classes in your area!


Most people know of the “typical” classes, such as spin, Zumba, Pilates and kickboxing, but have you ever wondered what’s beyond those formats?


As a trainer and fitness instructor, I’m always super intrigued by new classes; the ones that are funky, different and unique! So I wanted to break down some FUN, NEW & TRENDY group classes, taking the fitness world by storm!



THIS LOOKS SO FUN. I’m no drummer, and hardly a dancer, but there’s something about “pretending” you’re a rockin’ drummer that makes this form or exercise seem all too good to be true! Pound was created by drummers who also had a passion for fitness and music, and decide to combine all of these elements to make one full-body, cardio workout. This format uses weighted drumsticks and incorporates various forms of Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics (my fav!) and constant drumming movements, to sculpt muscles and TORCH calories. When I say torch, I mean almost 900 calories in a 45 minute class.



Animal Flow

Not going to lie, when I looked into this, I was a bit confused, ha! This workout uses functional bodyweight movements inspired by gymnastics, acrobatics, Parkour, capoeira and some booty-kicking breakdancing. SAY WHAT? This format keeps your body “low to the flo” and engages multiple muscles at once, and leaves you drenched!




A workout aimed towards pro surfers and paddle boarders gone public! This workout is a 45 minute, home-based & equipment-free which focuses on multidimensional movement, similar to surfing and board-based sports. It’s meant to dial into your muscles by building explosive strength, endurance & balance to leave you toned, and ready to tackle the swell!




I know I normally go into a more of a “how-to” with my workout articles, but I just had to share these, because sometimes one of the biggest challenges we face is finding a workout that WE love, that understands our lifestyle that we can thoroughly enjoy. What better motivation is there than enjoying what you do?


Check out these funky & fun full-body workout classes and see if they are available in your area! What do you have to lose but a few calories? ;)


Melissa Morreale

IG: @momsterfitness   |   FB: /momsterfitness



Melissa is a fitness guru with a passion for inspiring others to be their best. As a certified personal trainer, PiYo Live instructor & aspiring bikini athlete, she’s well-rounded in all aspects of health & wellness. She’s an advocate for “bikini after babies” and helping women regain control of their bodies/health- educating, guiding and motivating them to be at their healthiest. Your body loves you, so love it in return!



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