How to Drink Teami Colon the RIGHT Way!

It is important to remember that whenever you are doing a cleanse you are truly getting rid of processed foods, toxins and impurities that have been there for YEARS!
These toxins actually stop you from feeling energetic, losing weight and feeling great!
Teami Tip #1: Start your colon cleanse gradually! Everyone responds differently to cleanses, so steep your Teami Colon for 1-3 minutes if this is your first time doing our cleanse! After 3 times of drinking our Colon Cleanse you can start steeping your Teami Colon for 5-10 minutes so you will still get a result!


Teami Tip #2: If you want your Teami Colon to have a more gentle taste there is a way to do it! Let your Teami Colon cool down 100% so it is not hot anymore. The taste will be very mild and smooth!


Teami Tip #3: If you want to keep your Colon Clean even when you are not drinking our Teami Colon then we suggest to drink plenty of water, eat yogurt, vegetables and raw fruit in order to keep your body clean for now and for the future!


Benefits: Cleansing your colon helps reduce bloating, clear acne, lose weight and feel lighter on a daily basis!

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