How to Stick to your Resolution!

Sometimes the hardest things about resolutions are keeping them! We may have all the great intentions but if you don’t put fourth action then they will probably just be ideas on paper!

Here are 4 tips to help keep you on track with your goals for 2016!

1. Focus on ONE resolution!

One of the first mistakes people make is planning too many resolutions. The fewer things your brain has to deal with, the better, and you’ll be able to focus all your motivation on one resolution, increasing the chances you’ll succeed.

2. Visualize the End Result

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, focus on what you’ll get from your end goal—whether that’s feeling better at a lower weight, being able to impress your friends with your new guitar skills, or just being able to breathe now that you’ve quit smoking. Staying positive seems like common sense, but it can be hard when you’re in the middle of a big plateau.

3. Get Someone to Hold You Accountable

Having an “accountability buddy” is an old, yet tried-and-true tip for sticking to your resolutions. Tell your goals to a few close family and friends who will be honest with you and keep you on the right track.

4. Remind Yourself of Your Goals Every Day

If you’re having trouble keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind, you can use one of any number of tricks to constantly remind yourself (besides tracking your progress). Set an alarm on your phone with a message of why you’re doing this, record yourself on a webcam every day, or use dry erase markers to write your goals on your bathroom mirror.


5. Get on a Schedule!

Getting into a routine is one of the best ways to build a habit! If you want to accomplish something you have to work towards it everyday! Use our 30 Day Detox to help keep you on schedule! Every morning or night that you’re drinking your tea, use that time to put effort towards your goal!

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