It’s all about balance


Life is hectic, and finding balance between work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, raising a family, meal prep and getting a workout in can be a challenge. What’s the most important thing to remember?



Find balance.



Of course, your health is very important and affects those around you. But how can you find balance when you work 40 hours a week, don’t get a long lunch break, or have carbs haunt you?


Find something YOU love, the rest will fall into place. (With dedication and will power, of course!)


Own it, rock it, embrace it and let what you enjoy be your best balance.


Some people enjoy running, dancing, swimming, yoga, Pilates, or a ton of other things out there for physical activity. But do you have something you prefer?


Exercise has turned into a therapy for me; I feel “off” if I don’t get my workout in. But I never used to be this way. I found something I enjoy, that makes me want to wake up, throw on workout clothes and go to the gym bright and early. But the most important thing is that YOU find your balance, to make sure you can live healthily & happily, in whatever form of exercise intrigues your body, soul and mind.



Here are some great ideas to get active for a few different lifestyles:


For those who work full time jobs, are you a morning person, or an evening person? Those of you who are morning people, try getting up half an hour early, going for a run, or starting your day with a full body stretch. Enjoy yoga or a specific workout format? Give yourself a thirty minute window before the coffee, breakfast and pre-work hustle and bustle to go for a walk or a bike ride, throw in some squats or a mini cardio circuit (20 squats, 20 jumping jacks, 20 burpees, one minute of high knees and a one minute plank, four times) to get your heart rate up and calories burning! Evening people, if you enjoy a group workout setting, gyms and health clubs normally have an active evening crowd. The type of workout you enjoy most is bound to have a class local to you- give it a go or try something new, doesn’t hurt to meet accountability partners along the way.


Are you a busy mom? This is probably one of the most trending groups & topics right now, and there are so many options for this lifestyle. What suits you? Do you prefer to workout at home? At a gym? Or in a group? Take the kids, and go for a stroll on a nature trail. Not only is this great exercise, but it’s a relaxing way for you and the kiddos to bond! Every half mile marker, add in an exercise. (For example, if I go on a three mile trail walk, I’ll take six “exercise” stops, one minute each for the following: squats jumps, backwards lunges, forward lunges, burpees, mountain climbers and jump squats.) This will allow you to increase your heart rate and burn more calories while you walk!


For me, finding my “happy balance” has been about finding “me” time, which results in me being able to give the best of myself to those I love. As a fitness guru, health coach & mom, my life is always about finding balance. But it takes 28 days to make a habit, why not start today, give yourself a balanced routine, and stick to it! Namaste!


Melissa Morreale

IG: @momsterfitness   |   FB: /momsterfitness



Melissa is a fitness guru with a passion for inspiring others to be their best. As a certified personal trainer, PiYo Live instructor & aspiring bikini athlete, she’s well-rounded in all aspects of health & wellness. She’s an advocate for “bikini after babies” and helping women regain control of their bodies/health- educating, guiding and motivating them to be at their healthiest. Your body loves you, so love it in return!




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