Mix it up with – Healthier cocktail options for a night out!


You know those nights where you just want a cocktail? Something to take the edge off from a rough day at work, or something to sip & enjoy while at a social gathering? YES, I know this feeling at approximately 5pm, every single day. Just kidding, but I do love my wine!


My husband’s line of work requires lots of events, networking, social gatherings, business meetings and celebratory banquets, which in turn is lots of fun, yet it’s “socially unacceptable” to not sip a cocktail with the head honcho of the company. So all while I do my best to not make enjoying an adult beverage a habit, I do give in here and there. But it’s all about doing it correctly, to not mess up your metabolism or allow alcohol to be the obstacle that stands in the way of your health goals.


Here’s what I do:


When I know there is a chance of alcoholic beverages to be consumed, I allow my beverage to count as my carb, and do my best to avoid carbs during the day. I’ll choose wine over quinoa any day! But the next challenge is understanding what your go-to cocktail should be, and what type of beverages to avoid. (I think of it as one cocktail equals one serving of carbohydrates. I aim for two(ish) servings of carb a day, so I have a two drink maximum, give or take!)



  1. Light-colored liquor and soda
  • Vodka soda is my favorite! Throw a lime wedge or orange slice in it for a little tangy flavor.
  1. Red wine
  • Go red over white- white tends to be higher in sugar.
  1. Fresh ingredients
  • Lemons, limes, mint, strawberries, blueberries and other fresh fruit and herbs!



  1. Beer– I personally have enjoyed an ice cold beer here and there, but despite the “Lite” side of certain beers, the calories aren’t worth it!
  2. Mixers/sugary beverages– sour mix, soda, energy drinks & juices are higher in sugar, increase the change of feeling awful the next day and although they may taste good, they’ll really counteract all the hard work you put in throughout the week.
  3. Mixed drinks/frozen cocktails/syrups– many drinks on restaurant menus (unless otherwise noted) are VERY high in artificial sweeteners, sugars, dyes, and ingredients that are high in calories. (EXAMPLE: Simple syrup- used in mojitos OR grenadine- used in tequila sunrise and many other beverages)
  4. Artificially-flavored liquors– liqueur’s (peach schnapps or Bailey’s), flavored liquors (such as cherry vodka/coconut rum)
  5. Maraschino cherries– the bright red cherries that many bars/restaurants have are SO bad for you! Despite how artificial and preserved they are, they soak in grenadine which is high in sugar.


IMPORTANT: Try not to consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Going this route can result in getting sick, indulging in food (not always healthy food at that!) and the alcohol hitting you much quicker. Always stay safe, make sure you’re of legal drinking age and never drink & drive!


Melissa Morreale

IG: @momsterfitness   |   FB: /momsterfitness



Melissa is a fitness guru with a passion for inspiring others to be their best. As a certified personal trainer, PiYo Live instructor & aspiring bikini athlete, she’s well-rounded in all aspects of health & wellness. She’s an advocate for “bikini after babies” and helping women regain control of their bodies/health- educating, guiding and motivating them to be at their healthiest. Your body loves you, so love it in return!

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