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Oatmeal rasin Shake

In addition to your shake make sure you on starting on track with your 30 Day Detox! It helps to...
Boost your metabolism
Start burning stored fat
Calms muscle spasms and muscle tightness
Naturally raise energy levels
Detox your internal organs
Reduce bloating

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Avocado Tuna Melt

Enjoy with a cup of Teami Profit!

The All-Natural components of Teami Profit may help:

Strengthen the immune system (reduces chances of getting sick)
Fights against cancerous cells
Detoxify and rejuvenate the internal organs (contains Anti-aging properties)
Improve blood circulation (reducing high blood pressure)
Promotes soft and even skin complexion (increases red blood cells)
Reduces food cravings

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Warm Carrot Cake Oatmeal

On a cold winter morning there is nothing better then to have a nice warm breakfast to complement your morning tea! It's important that you fuel your body for the day and eat a nutritious breakfast! This recipe is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, and won’t leave you crashing off a sugar high mid-morning the way normal cake would. In fact, the sweeteners used come straight from nature: carrot, raisins, and honey. This oatmeal will leave you feeling happy and energized straight through until lunchtime.

Try out this yummy recipe below and don't forget to order your Teami Blends Holiday Detox Pack to get a head start on your new years goals!

teami kiwi

Mango Kiwi Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


Mixed Berry Nana Ice-cream with Coconut Yogurt

teami apple

Teami Skinny Apple-Ginger Latte

Let us know what you think about this yummy fall drink! Take a photo of it and tag us @teamiblends on Instagram!


Apple Pie Chia Smoothie!

There's nothing like a warm, tasty piece of apple pie on a cool fall night! Maybe with a scoop of ice cream to top it off! :) But imaging sipping on that apple pie in a delicious, healthy smoothie that will save yourself a ton of calories!

Chickpea and Mushroom stuffed Zucchini

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Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

We love icy cold smoothie bowls and hot tea for breakfast - they totally balance each other out in your mouth! Our favorite of the week is our Teami Profit which is a green blend with anti-inflammatory properties!